MBBS vs Family Medicine


why we need a post graduate Primary care physician vs MBBS primary care physician

India student graduate from medical college after 12 th grade 5 1/ year MBBS youngest in licensed physician compared to most developed countries Most of developed countries license to practice given after a post graduate training. MBBS graduate patient contact hours with patient is less, Responsibility to treat patents is minimal Where as post graduate two to three years of clinical trainings more contact with patient case , more responsibility, post graduate training gives more confident less mistakes in patient care. People comfortable post graduate doctor than MBBS graduate

Education in undergrad and post graduate will give basic knowledge for being physician, you need continuous learning all life.

Family medicine or any other specialty is lifelong learning process Their society or association give continuous knowledge through their journals, CME practice parameters

Family medicine graduate has support of their association The Academy of Family Physicians of India and internationally

The Royal College of General Practitioners, The American Academy of Family Physicians was founded in 1947, Founded in 1967, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine etc,

MBBS graduate are at disadvantage has no association to follow and update continuousl Specialty association information followed by their members to enhance their knowledge. Ultimate goal is provide high quality safe health to people of India.